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We are Nothing, and to Nothing We Return

Life is funnily enough, a painful business. It all begins with you being evicted from the comfort of a mother’s womb, screaming in agony. Once formless and free from the agony of existence, you are pulled down into the muck of destiny. Destiny welcomes you into a little and fragile form at the mercy of other prisoners of existence. Soon after your first cry, you are brought to your mother’s teats, and it is from here that your unmaking begins.

The first lesson your little blob of a brain receives is that you are a dependent. You are to direct your whole being to the mercy of the life-giving elixir from another being. It is curious that this lesson remains with us throughout life. We are never free. Life demands that we consume other beings – plants and animals for sustenance, convincing us somehow that being alive is good. By every means possible, Life feeds into our subconscious that being alive is what we really want.

Life somehow convinces us that to exist is the only way to be. This it enforces throughout our childhood, through its clever tool combination called pain and pleasure. Every time we stray carelessly as if by some instinct towards our original realm of non-existence, life triggers the pain response to jolt us back into her illusions. Life uses pleasure to draw us farther away from the realization of our original nothingness, and towards the meaningless mirages of living. Through a clever orchestration of hormonal interplay, life chains us to the carnal pleasures, which eventually leads to the arrival of more prisoners for life, and the cycle repeats.

Life, it seems, is an intelligent entity which understands that the see-saw of basic pain and pleasure would not keep a sentient life form chained to her Maya for long. This is where Life goes deep. It gently plants within us the idea of purpose. It transforms our natural instinct to gravitate towards our original formless non-existence, into a desire to find purpose in life, so beautifully hiding its very absurdity. In the pursuit of purpose, some of us may find some act be it economic or charitable, to be the purpose of life, and others find life purposeless and quickly be exposed to the meaninglessness of it all. As the illusion of life breaks apart around them, they may react in different ways. Some choose the path of detachment, whereas some choose to enlighten the fellow prisoners of the newfound truth. And some react with vengeance and apathy to the revelation that life is inherently meaningless, and in an effort to form meaning by etching their existence on others by force, choose the “evil” path, and destruction ensues.

Blinded by Life, we become subject to the different narratives our fellow prisoners expose us to, and end up in the meaningless pursuit of wealth, fame, and pleasure. Life forces us to fight each other for space, mate and resources, freeing many from life’s claws, betraying the extent of Life’s indifference to our sense of existence.

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