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We are Nothing, and to Nothing We Return – Part 2: Well, it’s not all that bleak


You may wonder why I started my blog on such a bleak note, talking about how meaningless life is, and how whatever we do really do not have any purpose. My intention in writing on this topic is two-fold: the first is to introduce you to what prompts me to write. I am not writing this blog hoping someone would read it and share. I am not writing this blog to showcase clever play of words or some groundbreaking ideas. The meaninglessness of life has already been discussed to “death” by several great philosophers like Sartre and Camus. Whatever you find on this blog are written as it came to my mind and I do not dare to imagine that I am the only one who ever thought these thoughts. I am writing this blog just to remind myself that it is in the frightening absurdity and meaninglessness of everything around that I find the greatest inspiration to write.

The second reason for my decision to write this blog is to remind myself, and the esteemed reader that even though life is unfair, absurd and meaningless, we still have the choice to try. To try is all we can really do and enjoy in this life, for once we succeed at something through trying, the goal that is achieved, suddenly starts fading in both meaning and worth. It is after all in the journey towards a goal that your existence really has a meaning.

The meaning of life is in the movement towards an aspiration. Life began on this planet when elements aspired and tried to collaborate with each other to create a complex interaction or movement. Life did not stop at simple prokaryotic cells, but found more ways to form complex interactions and evolved into more efficient Eukaryotic cells and so on towards the complex life forms that we all are today.

It is the aspiration towards achieving something higher or complex that lies at the heart of life itself. It is evident in how we live. The most popular aspiration of humanity is to be wealthy. Have you ever come across a wealthy man who upon accumulating a particular target of wealth, stopped everything and ended his pursuit? Except for an unknown few transcendent individuals, most wealthy folks aspires for a higher target and begins trying new ways to create wealth. The same is true for a scholar. No scholar thinks of halting all of one’s pursuit of knowledge in its track, once a target is achieved. The scholar then aspires to find out more knowledge and eventually create new knowledge.

We are nothing, and to nothing indeed we all return to, but it is in this journey between nothingness, that we are given a choice. A choice to try, to create movement, to disrupt the status quo, to aspire to achieve a higher function.

Do not quit! Never stop trying, for it is only in this very action of trying that our lives happen to find its ever-elusive meaning. Nothing else really matters. All your goals, aspirations, and ambitions are just means to achieve the action of trying. Keep trying! Never Stop!

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